Fat burning training? Forget it!

More and more I affirm in such a thought … Despite the undoubted benefits of training for weight loss, at the time that you are struggling with fat, these two topics – training and weight loss – are better divided. Those. forget, do not think that training has some kind of fat burning effect.

I will explain myself.Looking at the pages of the thematic communities, I observe, first, the constant search for the most effective “fat burning workout” (which is better, HIIT or bodybuilding , crossfit or aerobics, circular or something else). Secondly, the inescapable series of hopes and disappointments. Hopes, disappointments, searches, hopes …

On the first point. What workouts – fat burning? EVERYTHING! There is not a single fat exercise. It does not happen that after a workout you come out with more fat than before the workout. All the loads and processes that follow them, in varying degrees, spend energy! Including from fats.

On the second point, about hopes … If your center is misaligned , the appetite manager, or the system of positive reinforcement is perfectly trained, and this pushes you to spend 2000 kcal per day, eat 2500 at that same day, then after training, for which you spent an additional 500 kcal, they will force you to eat an additional 1000. That is, if you could not control your appetite without training, then what reason to believe that you can control it with training? Those. when is it even harder to control ? Training will fill you with willpower, or what? Hardly …

At the same time, so-called unconsciously begins to act. the effect of indulgence, when for doing something good, useful (for example, training), one feels the “legitimacy” of something “bad” (eating something super-calorie).

In short, do not expect training! With that, you must use them MANDATORY!
Simply repeating what you started with, spread these topics for different purposes.

Consider that workouts are for beautiful, taut muscles (there, under the fat)), for health, good health, mood. In order to remain charged with energy (including creative, intellectual) in order not to age. Maybe for social connections, dating. For passion, in the end. Just forget about their role in fat burning for a while!

Thus, you need:
1) choose for yourself the occupation that will give you pleasure. It can be anything: bodybuilding, yoga, aerobics, cycling, swimming … (The only remark is to understand whether you like it or not, you need to work out in one direction for several months. At first, you may not like everything) and
2) dispense them correctly. What doses of dosages (intensity, frequency, etc.), then proceed simply: gradually go from easy to heavy, listen to your feelings, you can carry out simple tests to assess the tolerance of loads (heart rate at rest, test Ruffier, etc., google ). Those. even when training will be perceived as very hard, all the same, in principle, they should be filled with energy, good mood, improve sleep and appetite. If not – make a mistake with the dosages, reduce them.

And about the reduction of fat – it is 100% about the food! And this is about addictions, about positive reinforcement, about habits, about willpower … About tricks, how to deceive your appetite. In my opinion, all this is a question of psychology. I am not an expert in them. I will cite: “… In the end, all effective nutritional and psychological techniques come down to the termination of the pathological cycle of reinforcement and emulation of pressing the saturation button.

How exactly the self-exploring cycle will be stopped is already the tenth matter; every concrete psychologist decides this. You can tell that you need to love yourself, or to find frustration and neurotic sticking, or to close the gestalt, or look for reasons in children’s psycho-trauma – it is not so important who believes what, it uses. Since I am relatively loyal only to cognitive-behavioral therapy, I personally have no choice, and for the patient the choice is infinitely varied.

The same story with diets. In any way, under any explanation, we emulate the press of a button. There are small fractional doses, constantly but by a little, counting calories as records, choosing the least tasty (for example, explaining to myself that, on the other hand, unsalted / unpongroned / steamed is very useful), prefer food with the minimum useful output to the maximum volume complex and costly in digestion, etc. It works. Let nutritionists come up with a beautiful trade name for what is happening . … ”

Good luck!